Scientific laboratory (research module)

The scientific laboratory (research module) is intended for the following tasks:

  • familiarization with scientific missions and experiments, implementing by cosmonauts and astronauts in space;
  • demonstration (illustration) of experiments, reflected the laws of physics and human physiology in space;
  • obtaining knowledge and skills related to implementing scientific experiments;
  • simulation of scientific applied research and experiments by means of virtual reality;
  • use of biomedical facilities for simulation of special factors of space flight;
  • use of medical equipment to study the methods of scientific research involving human subjects (equipment for physiological monitoring, anatomical measurements and laboratory research, light microscope, etc.).

The scientific laboratory contains:

  • virtual computer simulators for scientific applied research and experiments, performing by cosmonauts in space;
  • facility for simulation of the space suit gloves, designed for extravehicular activity;
  • Vixen telescope with automatic guidance to celestial objects, computer control system and database of more than 22 thousands nonterrestrial objects;
  • hardware-software complex «Alisa-SK» for data receipt and processing, transmitted from NOAA satellites.